Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful for knowing God

I love linking up and taking part in Thankful Thursdays. It gives me a chance to reflect and ask myself what am I truly thankful for this week. The Highlights.

This week however, I have been struggling with a cold. Coupled with being alone with The Boys twenty four seven, it has been challenging. 

So what helped me the most this week? What was I truly thankful for? I thought about making a list of my blessing and how I am blessed by them. Was that what I am most thankful for? 

In the end, I am most thankful for three things this week. 

1. I was thankful for God's Grace
God's grace is amazing it picks me up when I am down. When I was powerless, He died for me. Wow! So I am under his grace because God demonstrates his own love for me in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for me. That is a mind-blowing grace, one I will be eternally grateful for.

2. My ability to seek his intercession through pray
I did a lot of praying this week. I prayed for the mental strength to push through and take care of The Boys needs ahead of my own, for patience, and for the right words to say to them. 

We can easily become very self absorbed when we are sick and can be short tempered with those around us. Children can be very sensitive, they are quick to believe everything is their fault. On the other hand with me being sick, I still needed The Boys to clean up and obey the rules. 

Conveying gentleness and patience when asking a child to do something; when one of sick requires that God goes before you.  They were many instances this week where I saw God work things out for me. 

I am thankful I can go to him in pray when life hands me a not so perfect week.  

3. Having the Word of God to guide me.

I am thankful that I can mediate on the scriptures. What a blessing it is to find comfort in His Word. My mind always seem to travel too Hebrews 12:4 In my struggle against sin, I have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood. 

The knowledge and guidance I get from the Word builds my convictions so I can stand firm in times like these. From studying my Bible I know that God is Faithful and will take care of me. In Matthew 6, he commands me not to worry because He knows my needs and will take care of me. I can say that he has always kept that promise.

I am confidant that my mistakes in the last few days are covered by God's grace and I am thankful that God is still taking care of me.  Giving me grace, encouraging me with His Word and listening to my prayers.

What are you thankful for this Thursday.....