Friday, July 1, 2011

Do we brag about the little things

It is Brag on God Friday. What a wonderful time to reflect upon what the Lord has done for me. 

With my cold this week has come a time of reflection. I found myself reflecting and relying more on his word this week. I was glad God had given me so many scriptures to meditate on while I was struggling with my health.

So I guess I am bragging about God's Word.

This is the first scripture that I think of when I awake in the morning. Those of us with children understand what I mean. Every day is a new adventure, as you try to meet the needs of different personalities and passions. You just never quite know what you will be waking up too. So I find comfort in knowing that God has already planned my day for me, and what ever He sends my way I have the promise that I can rejoice and be glad in it.  Does that not over flow with AWESOMEness......

Being sick does leave you feeling like the world continues, while you are in a time-out. But this scripture that hangs above my kitchen sink reminds me that there is someone bigger than me who is always in control of everything. God never gets a time-out. 

As I sit here writing this my Wild Child has finally caught a squirrel which he released into the garage. In the greater scheme of things the garage is far better than my house. 

As I think of all that can go wrong and the ER visit I might have, I am praying for the best and asking God to work this one out for. 

He can protect my son, whom He created to love nature and whom He allowed to catch a squirrel. I will be still and trust that God will move him to release his bounty. 

This may sound crazy to some. What kind of mother allows her son to catch a squirrel? It kept him out of trouble this pass week and I guess eventually he had to catch one. It is after all, a great learning adventure and a great beginning to his life as a scientist.

My strength comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. God is wonderful. He created everything, with an attention to detail and a balance that is so perfect. Through His Word, God gave me the strength I needed to draw closer to him as I healed from my cold. God's word is praise worthy. 

Here is Thy Word by Amy Grant. Love this song, it does put so beautifully what God's word means.

God's Word is magnificent. It is always there when we need it, and it is full of wonderful promises that we can claim.

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