Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The day I lost

I lost an entire day. I did not accomplish any of the day’s plan. Twelve hours are now gone but in a very good way. Yesterday was my husband birthday and on a rare occasion he had the day off.

I had a few panic hours because I found out he would be home that morning. That whole plan A switching to plan B, but without the plan B.

Another special meal but for a special occasion. Another lunch because we has previous plan for the evening with great friends.

Photo credit goes to my eight year old son.

Now we really pulled out the Fancy table setting, all cloth.
Since my picky eater is currently eating pork chops, they will be making a re-appareance along with cream potatoes, and summer corn.

My Wild Child wanted to make dad a cake, he did a phenomenal job.
Sharing the rest of the day with friends and having the Boys playing with their friends at the park priceless.

I may not have accomplished a boat load of stuff today, but I got so much more. I stopped and smelled the roses and they were heart warming.

How are you creating those moments......