Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Lunch

Today's my husband's birthday so I'm linking up with Oh Amanda for her Top Ten Tuesday blog hop with pictures of our family night. 

1. Have a schedule. A set time every week that all family members know they need to be available. Making each member responsible for planning a night helps make it a true family event.

2.  Be flexible, a consistant day is important but time you get together and the activities can be anytime on that day.

3.Have all members of the family present. It is your time together.

4.Have a meal plan. Having a plan is very important. You want to know what you will be eating and doing before the big day arrives.

5. Table Setting: 
6. Meal: we always make something we have never had before. Potato salad and pork chops.

7. Special Drink: We usually drink only water or milk, but on our family night/day we make a drink. Lemonade, great summer treat
8. Dessert: a sweet homemade treat. Pineapple Ice cream
9. Someone to put it all together and serve: this was my week

10. An activity to have fun. I love games so dominoes it was.

This was actually a family lunch, but it is always great to have a special meal and enjoy playing with my very special family.

How do you make special time with your family?