Monday, July 11, 2011

Its Monday

Well I have no electricity; we are in the mix of another big summer storm.

Last night, I started reading a book called Trusting God. I felt pretty strong that I trusted God but the author makes some interesting points. Trusting God requires us to trust that He is in control of everything, the good and the bad.  I am having a hard time with this book, as I see nowhere for personal choice and responsibility. Yes God is in control, but are we not responsibility for our personal choices?

In read Genesis chapters 1-16 this morning as part of the read the Bible in 90 Days challenge and I could not help but wonder how do we break that trust.  Eve choose to trust a serpent instead of trusting that God was working for her good. Did that choice not change everything? When Saria gave Abram her servant did she not also break that trust? I will be tracking this as I read through the bible in 90 days.

Monday is a beginning of a new week for me and I started with this scripture, James 14:14, “Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, I will live and do this or that.” I had my Monday all planned out. I was going to blog my goals for the week. Set my time for 10 minutes and tidy my I’m going to go insane spot for the homemakers challenge this week. I was even trying to figure out how I could streamline some areas so my goal of finishing my picture albums could be accomplished.

And then at the high of my excitement, the sun disappeared as dark clouds filled the sky and we are in the mixed of a very bad storm. I also now have no electricity and it seems as if life has stopped, as least for me. Its 9 a.m., the storm started around 7:30, so no breakfast was made and I can do nothing but be still and know that God is in control.

My goal list for this week will still contain 10 items. I will still try to accomplish them all and probably with more determination than last week. I realize also the need once again to always leave room for God.

If we believe that God is in control of everything should we not accept all that comes?