Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rejoicing in Day 1

What a powerful scripture, God made this day and I get the choice of rejoicing it in. With so much going on in our daily lives, our lists of to-do can seem massive. One of my personal goals is always to rejoice in everyday the Lord has blessed me with. With that in mind I will be choosing to share the things from my to-do list that I am rejoicing in because they have been completed. Someday it may be a lot, somedays it will be a little, but I will rejoice in what I have accomplished.

For today
  • I washed the wild child's hair
  • I made waffles for breakfast and cleaned the waffle Maker, side bar - not too fond of the whole waffle thing, in 10 years this was a first for me, trying to decide of it is a keeper, so then I made white chocolate brownies on it, which the boys and hubby really loved, so the machine is still on probation.
  • Cleaned the lundry room and the kitchen
  • Made oatmeal bread for lunch
  • Made pasta salad for dinner
  • Read my 8 year old a bedtime story

Only God knows what tomorrow will bring, so let us all rejoice in today.