Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Blogs

And–what are your favorite book blogs?

I love most books and because they are so many books and very little time to read them I do appreciate a good book review. I like to read reviews before I invest in reading a book. The things most important to me about a book blog should be the honesty of the review and knowing that I can trust the person that the book will be worth my time.

When reading a book blog I unfortunately will only stay to read a review if I can stand looking at the page. I have found that many book blogs just have too much going on, lots of bells and whistles, making the post difficult to read. When the beauty of your page attracts me then you have my attention to read the reviews and see if I will stay.

Book blogs that I love:

BWS tips button and by far my most loved design Carabosse’s Library

and please check out my fourth book review: Pursuit of Proverbs31

Choosing to be more of a book lover....