Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dare to Choose

I probably say this every post, it should even be my catch phrase "I blog from right where I am daily." What that means for me is I try to share the choices I face every day along with how God's impacted the final verdict. Trying daily to choose God's best for me.

Every choice we make affects how our time goes or flies by. I choosing not posting my Run to Him post this weekend; instead this morning I feel compelled to share the quiet time I had with my baby. 

Children are remarkable works of God. My baby will turn eight in May and by now he knows quite a bit about the Word, but he is a cheeky eight. Being the baby when the distance does not seem so great can be hard. The rules for him and his brothers, along with the expectation are different. If I was eight with two teen brothers I would probably feel the same way but as mom I choose to turn him to the Word. 

We read and discussed the call of Romans 12:17-21 

Instructions on how he should live:

  • Do not repay anyone evil for evil. 
  • Do what is right.
  • Live at peace with everyone
  • Feed your hungry enemy
  • Give your thirsty enemy a drink
  • Leave room for God's wrath

These are powerful life changing choosing when we choose to follow this list. Choosing to repay an unkind comment or thoughtless deed with a good one. Choosing to do what is right when all around us are doing the wrong thing. Choosing to do the things that create peace instead of fighting and discord. Choosing to help your enemy to the point that you do not rejoice in their misfortune but you instead try to help them. Choosing to leave room for God to hand out the justice because He knows the truth.

These are all choices that profoundly affects our life path and our happiness level. Choose to follow one of these instructions for a day, a week, or a month and see how it will generate ripples in your life. I dare you to choose today.

When we do these things you are heaping burning coals on your enemy's head.