Friday, March 23, 2012

Part 1 of a Larger Project Simplify Started Guest Closets

Project Simplify has really motivated me to get some task I had left undone since I moved in completed. This week I worked on the guest bedroom closet, in preparation for my mother's visit.

The guest bedroom closet was looking more like a storage room than a closet and my goal is to have only one actual storage closet.  
I had many of the boys’ homeschooling supplies in this closet, about nine boxes of books, and a stack of binders. Once I faced this closet, I quickly realized that this would be a two-part project. I have more of the boys’ homeschooling supplies in another closet, and also in my office. To complete this job I not only had to move the boxes from the closet but finally unpacked them, find them a home all together, and organize them.
I have tried many systems of organizing the boys’ homeschool year and at one point they were using a binder for each subject. During our move I decided that one binder per child was all that I could handle and it worked so well that I have simplified.
First, I packed up the binders, we will try to sell them to make money for special missions. Part of this process for me is getting ready for a yard sale to make some money for special missions.
My homeschooling supplies are my biggest source of clutter because I love books and have a hard time parting with them. Our first son was a reader, our second son consumed books and our baby is more of the “I hate reading type.” I am learning to part with the books he does not want to read.
This time around we are saying goodbye to the entire Magic School Bus Series, a collection of Animal Encyclopedias and his third grade reading material as completed.
I unpacked the boxes of books and placed all the books together by grade level. Next week for week four challenge, the choose your own adventure part of this challenge.  I will organize, and prayerfully make the right choices of which ones to keep. I need to realize that he does not need to read every book. This part of the project will include finishing my school office, assigning one closet to all homeschooling books and supplies, and beginning the process of organizing for September.
Below are pictures of the finished closet. I did not think I could do it but the only items in the guest bedroom closet are things needed for guest.
The things needed for the Guest bedroom are on the top shelf. Clean sheets, pillows, blanket, hangers and a heater is all a guest bedroom closet needs.

Leave my a comment about you project simplify of comment on my Facebook page, would love to see what others are simplifying. 

Choosing to live simply for His glory.

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Any one interested in the Magic Tree House books 1- 39 or the encyclopedias, just leave a comment or email me. I will sell the hold lot for a few dollars plus shipping and handling.