Friday, March 9, 2012

Project Simplify 12: The Boys Playroom Closet

After reading Tsh's book Organized Simplicity I was excited to join her for Project Simplify. This week we are working on our children's items. We are settling in and there is plenty left to do so with out much introduction here is my before picture:
I pulled the extra clothes out of the closet and sorted them in the empty baskets on the bottom. I also sorted all the LEGO Bricks and packed away the toys that are not currently being used.
I was amazed at what a little organization does. Each boy now has a bin for his extra clothes that are not in use. I buy all clothes on sale and for them to grow into. Only three of the bins on the bottom contained toys, and are mainly our building items. Our Thomas the Train Set, I am not ready to part with so we packed it away. 

The Knex do not get played with much but I have time to decide and they are neatly put away. 

The largest bin contain our LEGO building bricks.  
Most of my time this week was spent sorting and organizing the LEGO bricks by size, type and color. After moving numerous time with our LEGO collection the Boys have reached their limit. Every time we move despite all my efforts the LEGO bricks are in pieces when we reach our destination. LEGO bricks are a good lesson in friction. 

The LEGO building bricks are on my project list. I am choosing to rebuild all the LEGO and glueing them together with super glue. I hope that this will keep them together when we move again and the Boys can then play with or donate the extra pieces. 

I am very happy with the way things turned out. 
Are you choosing to spring clean or just de-cluttering your home, please leave me a comment or check out this project.