Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Robo Hamster Wars

When we first moved into our home in January, I was happy to get our son two more hamsters. Brownie and Blaze have been happily living in their shared habitat for the past three months and we expected them to live out their lives together. They are adorable Robo hamsters, very small and very cute.  The boys have been working very hard to play with them together, getting them use to us and making sure they say together, as sisters.

But, I guess God in his wisdom had other plans.  Some lesson and realizations only come to us through trials. Daily life does not always provide a clear view of all we need to see and so we are handed the unexpected.

This morning around four we realized that one of the hamsters was in our room. It was dark and Robos are very small, so I hoped they were still in the cage. On checking on them I found Brownie on top of the cage.  She looked like she was trying to break back into the cage.

Unfortunately when we placed her back in the cage, she proceeded to attack her sister Blaze who was just running for her life. After a few attempts to place them back together son decided that he would need to find a new home for Brownie.

I know how much he loves her. We got the two hamsters together so they would have a friend and playmate; they are sisters from the same little.  Having my son admit that he could not take care of three hamster cages is a huge deal. He was humble enough to place the interest of the hamsters ahead of his own.

It saddens me to see Brownie go and I hope to find her a good home, but I am proud of my son.

God reminded me of a few things this morning.

  • When I die to self, I see the truth
  • Philippians 4:8 is not just a scripture I know well
  • When we narrow our focus we miss the bigger picture
  • I can trust him to work on my children’s hearts
  • Growth happens even when I do not see it.
  • He is here even in the lessons learned from our escaped hamster.
  • Once we invite Him in, He takes care of all our needs.

My wild child is gowning up and learning to die to self that others may thrive. 

Choosing to share how God impacted my heart today, How did He appear for you?
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