Monday, April 9, 2012

Choosing My Shepherd

I spent most of my week studying Psalm 23. In its simplicity it just seem to fit my week. Very often when we put aside our preconceived notions and ask a simply questions God reveals much.

And so I read Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. What is a shepherd? A shepherd is a person who cares for sheep by feeding and guarding them. He is responsible for their safety and care. A shepherd leads his flock to green pastures so they may eat and still water so that they may drink.  A shepherd keeps the flock together and searches for and returns any lost sheep.

Sheep are very delicate animals. They are easily injured and when separated from the flock will get eaten or killed. My pride does not much like being a sheep but I love the comfort that comes from having a shepherd. 

There is a saying "If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything," in other words if you do not know what you are about anyone can convince you of anything. Sheep are easily led astray but they quickly return when they hear the shepherd’s voice.

A prime example of this would be this past week, I allowed someone to convince of something I knew was not possible. Now if you have read my blog regularly you might wonder how was this possible then again you might not. I am still at a lost for how this happened, but as always it seems to lead back to my pride. As a child and young adult my pride ran wild, I was always right and everyone else including adults, were wrong. 

Entering motherhood, I wanted my children to learn humility and found I need to first find mine. My failure this week was in not checking in with my authentic self. When we silence our own voice we fail to let the Shepherd work in us. Our Shepherd came to bring us peace and in life. When we are not at peace with a decision is because we are not hearing His voice.

When I finally checked in with the Shepherd and took the time to say 

I announced that I would fear no evil and looked to his rod and staff it was not to late to turn back to my Shepherd. He had my banquet table ready and the mercy I needed to be at peace in his comfort again. 
The main lesson I seem to be learn right now is:
1. To stop what I am doing
2. Identify what I am feeling
3. Think through my choices, where is the logic in these choices
4. Prayer before making a final choice, the Shepherd always answers
5. When we rush to find an answer it is most likely wrong, expert or not
Choosing to listen for the Shepherd's voice.
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