Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is There a Reason to Choose Easter

I love to write about the Word, God and how choices touch my life. 

I am not a bible scholar or trained in any way. I just read my Bible daily and prayer. I am just a child of God, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. 

Now for the shocking news: 

I am so glad that Easter and Lent ends on Sunday. Sometimes I think it is just me. The forty days of lent have always been a struggle for me. I just have never understood this season and my confusion has continued to this day. 

As a child, I honestly believed that Jesus was born in December lived three months and died in April. It made me ask the question,

 "What's the big deal?"

We went to church more during lent. I was told and firmly believed that Satan was set upon the earth during this time and he was after me. I could only hold my breath and wait for the relief of Easter Sunday.

I gave new meaning to the Devil made me do it.

Aside from going to church more, we fasted from meat. I am not a big meat eater so again here the meaning was lost. The focus of lent for me has always been just to make it through. I just want to make it to the promise land, flowing with milk and honey.

Now as an adult the logic monster fuels my confusion. When I read the account of the Passover, the Crucifixion, and His Resurrection and the Accession into heaven it seems really simple. When I look at the calendar it causes me to lose focus. 

My center should simple: Christ died for my sins.

I guess a few important details where missing from my formative Christian education:

  • The reason Christmas and Easter are so close together 
  • Why we celebrate Good Friday
  • Why we celebrate Passover
  • Why some people call is Easter Sunday and other Resurrection Sunday
  • The significant of Palm Sunday 
  • Why these calendar dates 

The focus for me has been to choose to educate my children as I educate my self on the value and reasons for celebrating these holidays. I have tried to focus them on the price Jesus paid for their salvation. 

If you are choosing an Easter Bunny free holiday, here are a few heart-felt options:

  1. Having a traditional Passover feast
  2. Going without electricity or gadgets from sundown on Friday till sundown on Saturday. I am choosing to do this, wish me luck.
  3. Easter Story Cookies
  4. Easter Resurrection Garden a thoughtful way to celebrate
  5. Mom with Heart did a wonderful post with lots of ideas for celebrating the season. 
  6. The Encouraging Home has a nice list of Easter Resources
  7. And if you are like me and just unsure of this entire Easter thing check out Jami at Young Wife Guide for her series Why Easter is a Time of Celebration.
and remember to check back for her other post.

Choosing to teach the reason for Easter instead of just the tradition of Easter.
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