Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Combination Learning (Word-less Wednesday

This week I complete reading the getting to know your camera part of the guide. I learned how to set the time and the basic of taking pictures. Would you believe that the time was actually wrong? I had never set it but now I know how choosing in the future to read the manual. I learned a few other things I did not know before about the camera and I am glad that I choose to start this journey.

Picking my subject for this week was easy. A dear friend of mine wrote an article called Ever Increasing Ivy. I have had nurmerous ivy die soon after I bought them. I want to add an ivy to my plant collection but could not figure out why they were dying. Inspired by her article I choose to buy a new ivy plant on Saturday. 

Here is my first picture:

Then on Monday I got adventurous and took it out of the pot it came in. Jeri said that if the roots were visible I needed to repot the plant

Separated them into three bunches as I did not want to destroy the roots by messing with them too much.

I repotted them into these lovely pots.

They have been alive in my care for three days; I am looking forward to having a beautiful ivy. I am learning to care for this ivy and will keep you updated on my progress. 

With every move I have made, I have left my plants behind but have always been able to take a small shoot to replant in my new locations.  
Photo Feedback picture.
This was my best picture, it was taken with the camera on auto settings. Clicking part way to focus and then all the way to take the picture, the beginning part of my manuel. 

Always choosing to learn and improve, what are you choosing today? 

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