Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reviewing Journey on The Hard Side of Miracles as I am Booking Through Thursday

Welcome to my Book Review and Booking Through Thursday Post, this week question: Heidi had an assortment of questions to ask:

Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?
First I am checking with my trusted dictionary: 

     an outgoing, overtly expressive person.• Psychology a person predominantly concerned with external things or objective considerations.
    a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person.• Psychology a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

My answer is: it can be seasonal. 

I think they are times when I choose to be outgoing and caught up in the external, which comes natural to me. I host way too many Facebook Groups, take on leading too many challenges, and over extend socially. 

I can also choose to say no and have a season where I seem like an introvert. Introvert is harder for me but sometimes you just have to deal with you. It is good to take time to deal and work out your own thoughts and feelings, its growth. 

So, I choose to find the balance.

My Book Review this week:

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Hindsight is 2020" What will you see with perfect clarity when you are looking back? This week selection Journey on The Hard Side of Miracles by Steven Stiles is told in the collective voice about the beginning of a ministry that lead to the creation of New Life Community Services.
From the author, "The stories shared in Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles are simply occurrences we believe to be either special instances of God's care or actual miracles."
This memoir chronicles the journey of a band of street minsters in the era of the Jesus fish. The time frame alone made for an interesting read as I tried to imagine what Christian teens and youth ministers must have looked like during the 60's and 70's. 

This book gives you and inspiring look into the past and I found myself asking what happened to these worshipers of Christ. 
Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles proves that the Christian walk is most definitely not a boring one. The more sold out you are for Christ; the more you listen to His calling and voice, the more eventful your life becomes. 

Reading Journey did not make me want to sell all my worldly possessions and hit the road for Christ. It is not meant to be a self-help book either nor does it telling us how to draw near to God. It is simply a great and inspiring read that reminds us of how Great God Is.

The encouragement of this book is when we seek God with all our hearts we find him

Stiles ends the book with this: 
"It is our hope and prayer that Journey on the Hard side of Miracles has been of value to you in considering God's purpose and faithfulness."  
What is God's purpose for your life? How has He been faithful in helping you to live it out? Are you choosing to live God's purpose for you life?

Choosing to share my love of books. What are you choosing today?
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