Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reviewing Unstuck as I am Booking Through Thursday

Welcome to my Book Review and Booking Through Thursday Post, this week question: Who taught you to read?

The answer is: I honestly do not know. I assume that a teacher in elementary school did as I started school early. It also might have been one of my many older cousins. 

My Book Review this week:

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I received a copy of Unstuck: Your Life. God's Design. Real Change by Arnie Cole and Micheal Ross in exchange for writing this review. This is my first review of this kind. 

When I received this book in the mail I was really excited because it seem like a message from God. I have been wondering in the desert a bit and God seem to be saying read this now. I started reading this book the day I received it and I could not put it down.

Unstuck is a great reminder that we cannot continue to grow in our walk with Christ if we are not daily engaging in His Word for ourselves. We need to read our Bibles, mediated on its words and listen to what God is telling us as individuals. Our walk with Christ is a personal one and will only grow if we spend personal time with Him.

Unstuck asks us to do three things: 
  • read the Word for ourselves
  • ask what does it say to me
  • and mediate until it takes possession of you

Unstuck includes a 45 days study of scriptures and questions to help you get unstuck spiritually and back in a more deeper relationship with God. If you need a deeper study you can go to the website and receive a free copy of the study that is a bit more in-depth.

What I did not like about the book. They minimize the original call of getting Unstuck by saying that "Engaging the bible four or more times a week" is enough to "make a difference in how we think, live, grow, and relate to God and others." 

I was also a little taken back by the references to Go Tandem. A free service were you "receive scripture throughout the day in ways that fits your lifestyle" and "contain passages as well as nuggets that speak directly to your current spiritual needs." They do provide you with "a spiritual growth encourager who will discuss scripture you've read and pray specifically for you." 

Although these services sound great I felt like I was still being offered watered down Christianity. They cannot and should not take the place of opening your Bible, reading its words, praying for God's guidance and listening to His voice. 

This book calls us back to the basics of the Christian faith. Like the Berean we need to examine the scriptures every day to see if what we are being feed is true as this is the only way to a real relationship with Jesus.

How are you choosing to remain unstuck in your relationship with Jesus? 

As Always

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