Friday, August 31, 2012

Consciously choosing

Today we are starting an impromptu road trip. We will be taking a cruise to the big apple and back. I am doing cartwheels just thinking about it.

When we take a vacation I tent to return home 5 pounds heaver and feeling sick and tired. With the boys already talking about what they are ordering from BBQs and trips planned to Dutch PA and Hersey Park the panic has set in.

What I am choosing to do differently.

1. Drinking only lemon water or water.

2. Eating only fruits or vegetables.

3. Continuing to wake early so I can spend time with god and keep my focus.

Scripture that impacted my heart from the Kept study:
1 Peter 5:7 is like a blanket for your trouble times. Pray and waiting on God because we are confident that He cares for me.

4. Sticking to my 90 days bible schedule.

Disciplining my heart and mind even while on holiday so that I can be refreshed on returning home.

5. For our time in the car this multitasker will be reading:

6. I will also work on the boys' homeschool calendars

7. Watch the sunrise over the beach

8. Visit a few of our national parks

9.Take our puppy for a walk through Prospect Park in NY

10. Take grandma for breakfast in Dutch country PA

Pictures of the beginning of my journey:

The start of the packing, it would be so cool if I could take all my clothes.
 Continuing my journey for a simple life. I am taking 4 dresses, I light sweater, 1 pants, and 3 t-shirts. Someone else could have done better but for me this was a miracle. It was nice. I will only be taking the shoes on my feet.
Nicely folded
The boys were really proud of me. They were surprised that we are only taking 2 bags for a family of five and traveling with a puppy.

Picked up some two dollar nail polish and did my fingers and toes. Have not done this in years.

This was too amazing not to share. A wasp dinning on an insect twice its size. I did not know how strong a wasp is. They do have an awesome sting, I have experience!

As always,
Be back with you soon.

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