Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eating Out When Consciously Choosing to Get fit & Healthy #3

What I learned about dieting and eating out

I do not eat out very often. Making your meals at home ensure that you know what you are eating and saves you money. A win-win

But how do you maintain that healthy life style when your only choice is to buy food on the go.

1. Do not settle for fast food. It may be quick but lacks any saving graces.

2. Choose to spend the time to find a sit down restaurant. Making time to properly fuel our bodies is important. So find a place to sit down and enjoy your family, friends and food.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask how the dish is made.

You might be surprised at how your favorite items are made.

4. Ask that adjustments be made to the dish.  You are paying for the meal it should support you health.

5. If there is something you are not eating ask that it is listed with your order NO cheese No mushrooms No...

I actually had to send a salad back because it came with mushrooms after getting a detail list from the waiter. She never mentioned mushrooms.

6. This process is not always pleasant. Some waiters will not appreciate your attention to your food.

7. Keep track of the restaurants that were accommodating. I am big on customer loyalty and want to spend my money where I am valued as a customer. I would want to visit again.

The picture of the scales:
At this point I feel like I have mastered one thing: Taking pictures of me on the scales. Not quite so sure why this is so hard.

Goals for next week: Keep Moving Forward

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