Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Changing Direction When Consciously Choosing to Get Fit & Healthy

When changing direction our choices should not be limited to a simple yes or no answer. We should take the time to analyze the details. Deciding what is and is not working.

I have been stagnant with this weight loss journey. Last week I considered all the reasons why I should quit. I do not tend to fail well so I am trying to change my direction and focus.

What is working:
I am enjoying my current food choices. I am feeling stronger every day. Being consistent with my meals has been beneficial with encouraging results.

What is not working:
My exercise has been a bit of a hilly ride. I have been inconstant. Someday I have lacked the energy to work out. Other days I am too busy playing caught up with life. Exercising one or twice a week will not help me accomplish my health goals.

My new direction:
I needed to find an alternative for the inconstant days. An exercise routine that would work in my new season as a single mom. An exercise routine that including quality time with my boys that we could all in enjoy. 

My new direction is an Iphone app called Striiv.

I enjoy challenges and I found an exercise app that provides a challenge without being invasive. I just place my phone in my pocket and the app counts my steps. It is also a game that I can play while taking the steps.

Your daily steps gives you energy needed to play a Cityville type came. You need energy to advance in the game and you walk to accumulate the energy. The game has been a big hit with the boys. We had a fun day playing Striiv in the rainstorm. 

Here are my pictures from day one:

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