Friday, March 16, 2012

The Kitchen Project Simplify Week 2

Project Simplify has really motivated me to get some task I had left undone since I moved in completed. This week I worked on the Kitchen. The first area was my pantry:
My pantry was a functioning mess. I grouped all the foods in categories. I removed the juicer we are not using and to keep the floor level storage neater, I placed all our non boxed food into a container. I also labeled all the containers. Label makers are so much fun. The new format not only allows me to easily see what I need to add to the grocery list and makes finding the foods we need easy, no more searching behind.

Some of our kitchen drawers are rather small making organizing a bit challenging.
I was using this drawer as a dump all. I practically had to empty it last week to find a bag of brown sugar. I am trying to simplify with out buying anything. Not buying anything when I am cleaning is new for me. I am always wanting to buy organizational equipment but I committed to using only what we have on hand. I took some card board and contact paper to make the dividers to separate the different food. I just cut the card board the length and hight I wanted and then covered them with the paper. They help the food stand up and keep like items together making them easier to find. It is really nice and brings me a sense of peace when I open that drawer.

For my major baking drawer I broke down and moved a few items into a different drawer. The dream of having all the baking item in one drawer will not happen unless I have less stuff. The problem here is that I bake everyday and do use all these items.
I removed the muffin cups and separated the measuring cups from the spoons. A simple change.
I had the same problem with the baking cabinet.
Here we have a work in progress. Some of our cabinets are just a strange size and shape and I am not happy with the organization. I am going to sell the items I removed but was thinking I would add a shelf and see if that makes the space more accessible.

Well that's all for this week project, my kitchen shaped up nicely.

Choosing to simplify.
Last week project simplify was The boys playroom closet.
Next week Project will be closets.