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5 Simple Tips to Organize Healthy Eating Into Your Day {5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning}

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I first started to be concerned with eating healthy after I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I was in a life and death struggle. I had many visits with a nutritionist. She gave me some good advice but it was not working for me. 
Daniel 1:8, edwards granddaughter

I started doing some research into my condition and leaned these simple tips that made my life and health work.

1. Choose to drink water

I am schedule girl. I find that the things I schedule happen and eventually become part of my routine. Scheduling everyday things into our day helps them become good habits.

My water habit is this 1-cup before and after each meal for a grand total of six cups per day. I never eat a meal if I have not had my water first. So it is not about time just the order in which I do them.

I keep a water container filled with my daily intake of water and lemon juice on the counter top so that I have a visual reminder.
Daniel 1:12, edwards granddaughter, ten days

2. Choose to have scheduled times to eat

As moms we forget to feed our selves and a schedules help us to fit in feeding ourselves into the day. Plan on sitting down and having your meals. Plan out your meals and set out snacks the night before.

3. Choose to have a green smoothie

Edwards Granddaughter
My First Green Smoothie

I recently discovered green smoothies. For years I was sure I would hate them but once I tried one, I was hooked. I was amazed at how easy it is to make them.

I use frozen mixed fruit, 1 and 1/2 cups water, and handful of greens veggies, placed in my magic bullet and blended till smooth. I use migraine helpful greens (Swiss Chard, Kale and Collard Greens)

Click on the links for other smoothie resources and recipes

Casey at She Shines Wellness got me stated on the smoothie train when I joined her 10 Day Eat Clan Challenge. The challenge was an educational experience for our family and changed the way we view smoothies. You can register up for her next challenge which starts August 30th.

Stephani at The Cheapskate Cook is writing about 5 Days of Organizing Your Grocery Budget. She has these two great smoothie post.
They Won Him Over: Green Smoothie Update
My Favorite Smoothies

Daniel 1:15, Edwards Granddaughter

4. Choose to measure your food

The only way to know how much we eat is to measure our food. My sister was surprise that after eleven years, I am still measuring my food. 

Yes, I do estimate but only when I eat out. 

The logic that after years of practice I should be able to estimate how much is half a cup can be deceiving. 

You would not want a doctor estimating your medication dosage because he has fifty years of experience. Let face the facts and know how much we consume.

How does this work?

Making oatmeal for breakfast the ingredients are
1/2 cup raw oats = 190 calories
1 cup water = 0 calories
1/4 cup almonds = 200 calories
1/4 cup almond milk = 15 calories
for a grand total of 405 calories in your breakfast meal

I mainly count calories for prepackaged items, but not for fruits and veggies.

Looking at the nutrition labels on packages allow us to know what a serving is. How many calories are in that serving? We can then make an educated choice about eating one or more servings. 

To be honest checking the nutrition labels has really helped me exercise the choice to not eat something.

After finding out how many calories where in a bow tie donut I have made the choice not to do that to my body again. Thanks New York State Lawmakers.

How to figure out your calories: check the label for serving size and calories per serving. Say a serving is one cup at 150 calories. One cup would be 150 calories. While one half cup would be 75 calories.

You can never go wrong by choosing to be honest about what you are putting into your body.

5. Choose not add sugar or sugar substitutes 

Sorry this includes honey
proverbs 25:16, Edwards Granddaughter

The logic here is simple, sugar is not necessary, choose not to use it.

I have found that the items I added sugar too as a child, I must have sugar in them as an adult. It is really hard to break that habit.

If I never add a sweetener my taste buds and brain make the adjustment and I never have the desire to add it later.

Create a good habit from the start. Choose to eliminate SUGAR!

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Before you go leave me a comment:
What healthy eating tips work best for you?
What would you like to change about your food choices?

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