Friday, March 30, 2012

Part 2 of a Larger Project Simplify Done Homeschool Library

Project Simplify has really motivated me to get some task I had left undone since I moved in completed. 

This week I worked on Our new home-school library.

The boxes are unpacked and gone. The books are on the shelf by grade level.

When I decided I wanted to have all their home-school books at home because we move so much I developed my own system for labeling them so I would know on sight when I would need them. It does make unpacking and organizing them easier.

The frames handing in here beautify the space and removed them from the floor. It is a neat way to store picture frames you are not ready to use. 

Our dinning room book-shelf has been organized to be a little more functional. It now contains all the books and equipment I need to complete a day of school. 

The boys no longer need to hunt down handwriting, composition, math grid, or art paper. I was able to store them on the shelf next to our recycling bin in a magazine file divided with plain binder dividers. 

The Computer Desk 
On the top shelf of the desk I took every items off and moved my wireless system to the shelf below the printer. If it is ugly and untidy but necessary find a way to decoratively hide it. 

I had a beautiful butterfly box that the boys had given me, which I wanted to use and display, so I turned it into a pet food box. I created a box to fit inside to protect and made some inserts to separate the different types of food. 

The best complement from my eldest son "Mom it no longer looks like everything is just thrown in there." 

I removed all the items that were not necessary, unused and old CD, back up drives, cords and replaced them with the essentials. 

I placed the printer paper next to the printer in another magazine file and only left this year's math CD inside the cabinet. 

From our main book-shelf I removed all the non book items. I placed the books from the second smaller shelf onto this big shelf it is amazing how much space you have for the necessary when you choose to simply remove what does not belong. 

As much as possible I am going for having less.  We are selling or giving away the Homeschooling books as my youngest finishes with them. 

I love the look of having only a few decorative and special items. 

The photo albums on the top shelf first cubical is the remains of my photo project and the boys baby books. I have some more scanning to do and then I will create the digital albums.

I was surprised that I finished this project and I am happy with how it turned out. The question I have left unanswered is why am I choosing to simplify. What am I preparing for?  

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Next week I will post some thoughts about this process and how I decided what I would keep.

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