Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 14 Choosing to accomplish

A little impromptu sharing before we I lay out week fourteen. The year seems to be flying by; it is hard to think that we are being April. 

I choose to write out my goals and share them with because it keeps me accountable for getting things done. I have been amazed, the simple act of choosing to write this post and hit publish has helped me finish task I might have other wise over looked or just never finished because life was interrupted by the unplanned.

Choosing to have a list does not mean being a slave to that list but choosing to master your priorities. When life interrupts after the dusk settles you have a writing plan and directs you to what is necessary to accomplish. A big help when we easily lose focus.

Week 13 Choosing to Accomplish list had a major project that I was concerned might not be finished along with my other weekly goals. The things that I did not foresee when I made my list was two days being taken up by doctors and hospitals. Two days my children did not receive instruction in school and two days where it was impossible to finish my menu. 

Looking back I finished most of my major goals, including my big project. So how did I still accomplish so much? 

I started on my big project first because that would affect my week. Choosing to work on it consistently removed the stress and fear of not getting it done. 

On Friday, I had a day of surrender. What is a day of surrender?

  • I surrendered myself to doing only what was necessary
  • I rallied the boys to help me clean the house and put things back in order.
  • I canceled Homeschooling, yet another day.
  • I made another list of things not finished but must be accomplished.
  • I Planned and adjusted my goals for week 14

My focus scripture for this week is: 

On going Projects:
1. Meal planning – recipe testing  
2. Creating a weekly routine
3. Rebuilding and super gluing the boys Lego. 
4. My Homemakers Challenge monthly post
5. Photo albums
6. Putting together our two thousand pieces Coca-Cola puzzle

My goals for this week are:

1. For my time in the Word: Preparing my heart for teaching and celebrating Passover with the boys.  

The meditation verse of the week is: 
Psalm 139:23-24
Search me, God, and know my heart;    test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 See if there is any offensive way in me,    and lead me in the way everlasting.
What does it mean to have God know my heart and my thoughts? How can I allow him to lead me on the narrow path. Last week so many of my life events distracted me, my main goal this week is to regroup.

2. For my time in Prayer:       
  • Praying daily for my hubby  
  • Praying for my children that they may build great friendship. The continual softening of my children's hearts.  
  • Praying for the women in Group 95 Hello Morning Challenge that they may have an awesome morning time with our Lord.     
  • Praying for friends and extended family that have needs. 
  • That God to open my eyes to the learning and growing opportunities before me.    
  • For the new relationships that we are all building and that we are all open to sharing our hearts and lives.

3. As an AC for the Hello Morning Challenge with Inspired to Action I will be sharing a verse from Psalms each day that goes with the Run to Him bible study. This week Psalms are 139, 23, & 56

4. Homeschooling: Completing our school schedule daily

5. Meal planning: Creating our menu for the next month and making a grocery list.  

6. Blogging daily 

Last week blog roll:
1. Missed my seventh post

7. Continuing Simplifying my home: Although Project Simplify is over I have a few more simplifying projects I would like to complete.  I will plan what my next few simplifying projects will be.

8. I finished reading Spiritual Make Over: Ten Practices for Falling in Love with Your Life by Sirah Vettese Ph.D. Please check back on Thursday for my review of this book.
Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

This week I will start reading: 10 Things I want My Son to Know by Steve Chapman. 
Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

I am listening to an audio of Become A Better You by Joel Osteen. A very positive book that focus on saying and doing positive things.
Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

My basic goal for the year is to finish reading a book per week. 

9. Working out for an hour each day.  

10. Organizing my computer files. Cleaning out my emails.

What are you Choosing to accomplish this week?

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