Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week in Review 5

Welcome to my day of review and planning.

1. For the next 27 days, I will be focus on all the projects I need to complete before the movers come to pack our house.
A. Finish de-cluttering our home
B. Finish my photo album project
C. Pack the children transition items
D. Work through my cleaning list
E. Remove all wall hangings
F. Separate the current school year books so I can find them first on the other end
G. Decide what I have to take with me, (we have not found a home on the other end).
2.This week my major focus will be starting school. We will be continuing school till September 12. Yeah!

3. Keeping on track with my reading for the Bible in 90 Days/ Blogging through the Bible in 90 Days challenge. Continues till October 8, 2011, requires an hour of daily bible reading. My verse for the week is:
4. Write a daily blog post. A good goal for a blogger…  
Blog I posted:

5. I am still Maximizing My Mornings. I begin my day at 5 a.m. with pray and bible study. I would like to start keeping a time journal to see how effective my scheduling is. When I do, I will share.  
6. I have many books I would like to read during this process. I will try to read or more a week. The list will follow so I can cross them out as I go. 
7. I will be a contributor on Homemakers Challenge. In September we are having a 31 Days to Clean challenge. This week challenge is to make a Developing a Realistic Weekly Schedule. I will check my schedule against this article and blog my finding.
Now your turn: let me know what you have accomplished or plan on finishing ….........