Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 6 Goals

My focus scripture for this week is

On Going Projects:
1. Meal planning - creating a basic guide menu

2. Creating a weekly routine is in progress, I am trying to figure out what brings about peace and unity.

3. Organizing the Boys toys

4. My Homemakers Challenge Post

5. Change of address cards

6. My poster board scriptures for the year 

My goals for this week are:

1. Homeschooling and playing with My Boys. Working hard on enjoying them in the here and now.

2. Meal planning

3. Praying daily for my hubby with accountability from LeighAnn at Intentional by Grace. You can join us or just read about her journey at A Surrendered Marriage.

3. Blogging daily, I am working on finding a writing schedule that works for my family, now that my hubby is home more. My writing time has become our time together in the evening.
Last week blog roll:
7. No seventh post this week. 

4. Updating my pray list. 
              Praying for friends who have needs. 
              Praying for the women in Group 95 Hello Morning Challenge.
              God to open my eyes to the learning and growing opportunities before me.
              The continual softening of my children's hearts
              For the new relationships that we are all building and that we are all open to sharing our hearts and lives.

5. As an AC for the Hello Morning Challenge with Inspired to Action I will be sharing a verse from Psalms each day that goes with the Run to Him bible study. This week Psalms are 34, 100, & 25. My new wake up time is five; I find placing the alarm in the bathroom really helps with this.

6. My focus scripture for this week is from my Run to Him study. This verse impacted my heart this week.

Psalm 27:14
Wait for the LORD; 
be strong and take heart 
and wait for the LORD.

I love this verse both in and out of context. When waiting for God we are commanded to be strong and take heart. For some people waiting seems like we are doing nothing but waiting takes so much strength. Want to read more about how Psalm impacted my week read:Run to Him: Waiting

7. This week I will try to finish reading:  I had stopped to create our family mission statement: Things Never Come Before God and People.
Next I will make on for this blog and work on setting some solid goals for my mission statements.

My basic reading goal for the year is to finish reading a book per week. Taking this more serious this week, I am way behind.

8. Working out for an hour each day.

Last weeks I finished make the posters for my scriptures.
Psalm 121:8
1 Corinthians 13:7-8
Proverbs 20:11
Deuteronomy 28:6
Colossians 3:23
Psalm 37:7
Luke 6:37
Psalm 34:14

9. Organizing the boys play room, mainly for our eight year old. Letting him enjoy beginning 8 has been heavy on my heart. Spent more time playing with and reading to him, than actually organizing but that was more important.

10. Finish my March article for Homemakers Challenge.

Last weeks: Taking the picture and creating a change of address card. This is becoming more of a dream than a goal but I will make one more attempt this week.
A quick look at the possibilities before me this, what choices are on your heart this week. Please share in the comments.