Sunday, December 18, 2011

Drifting through Christmas

Not quite the week of Christmas but I am planning for it as such. It seems like every time i resume my blogging lately something happen to steer me away.

We will be officially be starting our Christmas break and although I have planned some auto-post I will be avoiding all my tech gadgets till the New Year. My first reason is its time for family and we will be taking the train to grandmas. It will be a first for my boys and I am very excited to share this experience with them.

When traveling by plane or train I pack extremely light. We are taking one bag for the four of us, less for me to keep track of. So I will be leading by example and leaving my gadgets behind. Thank God my smart phone still does most of those things.

Which brings me to the saddest reason. My hands are saying I need a break from this tiny keyboard. My left hand really hurts and I have narrowed the culprit down to typing my articles mainly on my phone. When inspiration hits, my phone is always with me.

My break begins today and since we are moving into our home two days after Christmas, getting settled will take priority Christmas week.

Looking forward to blogging and sharing more of what I have learned on this journey to Virginia in the New Year. 

Please choose to check back for my auto posting. Have a merry Christmas and plan for a life to the full New Year.

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